Understanding CPR and How to Use an Automated External Defibrillator

Introduction to Health Care Professional CPR / AED - The leading cause of death in the US according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC.gov) is cardiovascular disease. Risk factors for cardiovascular disease are: smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lack of exercise, stress and obesity. Factors which are unavoidable are: age, sex, hereditary and diabetes. It's important to note that death is most likely to occur after 10 minutes of a loss of oxygen to the brain. From 6 to 10 minutes brain damage is expected. From 4 to 6 minutes brain damage is very possible and from 0 to 4 minutes brain damage is virtually non-existent. However, CPR should still be performed.


HIIT, Endurance, BTN: Which Workout Is Best for the Holidays?

Don't miss your workouts this holiday season! Here's a short, effective workout format that adapts to different equipment and is easy to fit into a busy schedule.


Aloe Vera - Nature's Miracle

Considered a miraculous medicinal plant, Aloe Vera has been helping mankind for thousands of years. For centuries, people have relied on its unique properties to help heal and nourish the body.Herbal alternative medicines and cosmetics with Aloe Vera as its base are becoming exceedingly popular with the health conscious population worldwide



How To Do Kegel Exercises Correctly

One of the most common types of incontinence, especially for women and the elderly is stress incontinence. This is when the pelvic and bladder muscles are weakened and thus when a person laughs, sneezes, coughs, etc. they leak urine.


Incontinence and Embarrassment: 6 Tips For Reducing the Stigma and Emotional Toll

Although incontinence effects twelve million US adults, it can be very embarrassing. There are many forms, from stress, to urge, total, etc. Many suffer from a condition known as overactive bladder. It is a lack of bladder control when the urge hits, and can get in the way of socializing, working, and more.


Common Claims for an Accident on Holiday

When you plan a family vacation or a romantic getaway with a loved one, the last thing going through your mind is an accident on holiday. Unfortunately they are more common than most people realize.


The Most Common Work Accidents

Companies around the world are realising the importance of putting strict health and safety regulations in place in their offices and other workplaces. UK companies are legally required to have employer's liability insurance, but without proper procedures in place, the risk of an accident at work is not reduced in any way.