Top 8 Common Causes of Obesity

A healthy mind in a healthy body! This is what every person wants to possess; but sometimes, due to negligence or lack of awareness, many people suffer from ailments such as obesity, diabetes, high BP, and so on.
In most of the cases, the process of obesity started a long ago and gradually assumed an ominous form, as seen now. Let us try to evaluate the various causes of obesity and the suitable remedies for the same.
Obesity is seldom known to be caused by genetic factors except in some rare instances; it is triggered more by factors such as:

i. Poor choice of food items

The menu of your food items should have a balanced proportion of greens, sprouts and a little bit of your favorite spicy items if you can't completely remove them from your platter. If you have not paid attention to the calorie aspect of the food items, you consume, then start today. Choose items based on the calories your body needs per meal.

ii. Sluggish lifestyle

If the amount of calories you take in is more than what you spend, then the excess amount is converted into fat and stored in the body. This is further worsened if you lead a dull life, or so to say, your lifestyle is slow and inactive.

iii. Slow metabolism rate

Your body might react slowly to the process of burning enough calories to prevent unnecessary weight gain.

iv. Other medical reasons like arthritis or hypothyroidism

A malfunctioning thyroid gland or an inactive lifestyle due to ailments like arthritis can contribute to weight gain.

v. Depression or a high level of stress

In extreme cases where a person suffers from stress, he/she can succumb to addictions like uncontrolled eating habits, smoking or drugs. These can lead to weight gain.

vi. Insomnia

If you suffer from insomnia and get very little sleep, you can gain weight by partaking food due to the cravings induced by certain hormones.

vii. Some medications

If you are under medication for a different ailment like diabetes or you use contraceptive medicines for a prolonged period of time, then weight gain is very likely to become a headache for you.

viii. Pregnancy

Even though gaining a few pounds seems to be natural during pregnancy and lactation, some women might find it difficult to regain their old shape. The weight gain may stay with them permanently.
Knowing about the causes of obesity is the first step in evaluating your health as on date and alleviating your life in a healthy manner.

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